Monday, April 7, 2008

Life, with food and drink... a beginning

This blog was conceived (in the literary, not biblical, sense) while lying in bed on Sunday evening, desperately attempting to fall asleep before a 9AM Monday morning client meeting. My throat is sore, and no matter how much sleep I get, I know I'm going to wake up tomorrow and feel like crap. I've tried all the usual ways to get to sleep: reading an engaging book, reading a boring book (usually works), shutting my eyes extra tight to will myself to sleep... and then, finally, thinking about food. Today I thought about what I made myself for dinner: eggplant, leeks, and baby bok choy with toasted sesame and teriyaki sauce. Then I thought about all the things I could have (should have?) had for dessert. Could have taken the short walk to Bis.Co. Latte and gotten some of their gelato, which I stopped to look at earlier today, and it looks delicious. Should have stopped earlier and picked up a cupcake... although I did walk past Amy's Bread three times (yes, three times, oy) this afternoon, and they didn't have any black and white cupcakes, which is what I truly wanted. If the weather had been nicer and I had been feeling better, I might have taken a trip to one of the few cupcake shops I haven't tried yet to pick up something new-- I may even have taken a trip to Brooklyn, which, sadly, has been on my things-to-do list for many moons and has not yet been accomplished. The unfortunate reality is: a) I had none of these tasty treats for dessert, instead opting for peppermint patties, whipped cream, and a 100-calorie-pack of Oreo cookie bites, or some such fake food I picked up at the Food Emporium today while in a comatose state of boredom; and b) I am still not asleep, as demonstrated by the continued typing of this inaugural blog entry.

I guess the purpose of this blog will be to talk about life, especially with respect to food and drink, as the title implies. I love food, although primarily vicariously, as I am a vegetarian with obscure stomach problems that prevent me from eating many good things, or feeling good after eating pretty much anything. Thus I will dutifully, or not so dutifully, as time and inclination allow, report on my interactions with food in this lovely city of New York-- any restaurants visited, news heard around town, cool stuff at Whole Foods, that sort of thing. I also enjoy the odd beverage, as my brother might say, so I will likely also use this blog to record my comings and goings with the NYC 20-something bar culture, such as it is.

I warn you: not all of this will be interesting. To be quite honest, many days I eat the exact same thing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so God willing I won't record that over and over again. Although, hell, maybe I will. There will also probably be non-food-related thoughts sprinkled in this blog, as I do, occasionally, have non-food-related thoughts. You are welcome to skip those if you're reading this just for the food part. Or I guess you're welcome to skip the food part, if you're reading this just for the life part, although I'm not sure that makes much sense. Either way, feel free to comment, suggest, and enjoy. Oh, and eat, drink, and be merry, of course.

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