Sunday, August 3, 2008

NYC ICY: More more more

After dinner at Rachel's, J and I skipped dessert and headed over to NYC Icy (he hadn't been before so I HAD to take him, right?). Since it was after dinner, the flavor selection seemed a bit thin:

N.B.: they've starting charging an extra dollar for some of their flavors with premium ingredients, like pistachio and hazelnut. That is a trend I do not like.

But there were some interesting selections. I tasted the chocolate chocolate chip icy (that is, chocolate sorbet). It was surprisingly chocolatey for a non-milk-based frozen dessert, and the chocolate chips were nice. J ended up getting a medium cup of this for his selection.

It looks freezer-burned, but it's not, I promise.

My other taste, which was my ultimate choice, was mixed berries and chips. It was a smooth and creamy strawberry-tasting cream icy with large chocolate chips. This tasted the most like standard sherbet than any of their other flavors. It was good, but definitely not their best-- I wouldn't get it again, especially if standouts like white chocolate chip are on the menu.

Blushingly pink

And that's it for this broadcast. Mmmm, icy.

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