Friday, August 29, 2008

NYC Icy: News and Nutella

It was a long and trying week at work. I was one of the last people left in the office this evening, as everyone else was able to go home early. I came home and my toilet was clogged and I realized I was in a miserable mood. Nowhere else to go but NYC Icy.

"Icy Tea" now on offer

I tried two new flavors this time. The first was "Shazzam" (why? why Shazzam???), which was black raspberry with white and dark chocolate chunks. It was actually pretty good-- mild but tasty black raspberry, and my sample had a good chocolate chunk in it-- but a pretty unappealing faded gray color. I considered getting a full cup, but then I tasted my second sample: Nutella. Ohhhhhhh yes.

The masterpiece

I love Nutella and most Nutella-flavored things (see the frozen nutella at Gotham Bar and Grill), and this really hit the spot. It was light and creamy with a potent nutella flavor, equal parts hazelnut and chocolate and pure deliciousness. It was better than their hazelnut chip flavor, which, incidentally, costs an extra $1 per cup.

Ohh-- and a bit of NYC Icy news-- they've added both a few extra garish plastic chairs for a makeshift seating area and a stand-alone freezer, which as of this evening was empty. I asked if that meant that they were preparing to sell packed pints, and I got the affirmative. Yesssssssss.

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