Monday, December 29, 2008

A Eulogy: R.I.P., Elm Court Inn

Life is fleeting, and in the short time we have on this Earth, restaurants come and go. We can only hope to experience the best while we and they are still around. But sometimes, sometimes you find one that's truly special, and you naively deny the restaurant life cycle, pretending that this particular delight will escape the typical restaurant fate and be around forever. And then-- when the inevitable comes-- the sadness is extra acute.

Such is the case with Elm Court Inn, the tiny restaurant in North Egrement, MA, which up until now held the coveted title of My Favorite Restaurant in the World. After my parents attempted to make New Year's Eve dinner reservations and encountered a disconnected phone line, we feared the worst-- and the sad fact was corroborated both visually and by a for-sale listing sealing the Inn's fate. The Elm Court had been around for so long... I don't know what happened. It just simply makes me sad.

So-- the world says goodbye to one of the finest restaurants I've ever encountered. If you'd like to read about what we'll never have again, click here and keep a box of tissues handy. And if you have a bunch of extra cash handy and would like to buy the Elm Court Inn and revive the restaurant with me, email me at

Until then, R.I.P. Elm Court Inn. You will be missed.


BenD said...

Clear! 1-2-3 Clear! C'mon you bastard live...LIVE!!!

Sorry, couldn't save it...but once your mourning time is over you gotta let the LWF&D faithful know who assumes the new #1 spot.

Kendall said...

I worked there for 2 years, and I have no idea how I stumbled across this, but I feel your pain. The most delicious food ever - I'm lucky enough to be able to get Urs to make some for me every now and again, and I was just as upset when it closed.

Janine said...


What a touching comment-- I'm sure we're not the only ones who felt the Elm Court was a special place. I still hold out hope that one day it will return...