Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Dear readers,

I come to you with shattering and deeply, deeply disturbing news: NYC Icy is no more. I suspected something was amiss, since the store hasn't been open at all for the past month or so, but a walk-by this afternoon confirmed:

The saddest thing I've ever seen

I had valiantly tried to keep them afloat singlehandedly, but apparently my cup-a-day habit was not enough to pay Manhattan rents. The audible "NO!" I let out while walking alone on the sidewalk today barely touches the surface of my grief. NYC Icy, rest in peace: the world is worse off without you.


blizzard854 said...

i've never been but always see the posts on your website about it so i can only imagine how big of a lost it is for you :(

i'm sowwwyyyy

Janine said...

Oh, blizzard854, it is a sad, sad day. I appreciate your condolences.

Orthorunner said...

I had the exact same reaction...drove by today and saw the sign out front. I think I may have been the other person trying to singly keep them afloat. I have in fact gotten their ice cream in weather less than 40 degrees....
Hopefully they end up reopening again, though it may be too much to ask