Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A brief status update

Dear Readers,

It is with pleasure that I announce that in a small yet important way, I have defaulted on my responsibility to you, my lovely and loyal blog followers. Yes, it is true: I am no longer a wholly, 100% impartial restaurant reviewer. Specifically, I hereby disclose that all future reviews of baked goods will be tainted by my newfound affiliation with Billy's Bakery. Yes--for the next six months, I'll be working at Billy's, doing a little bit of everything, including sampling everything the bakery has to offer. You already know about my infatuation with the banana cake; well, consider that infatuation expanded to include their carrot cake (absolutely spectacular), red velvet cupcakes, peanut butter pie, and pretty much everything that is sold behind the cute little facade on Ninth Avenue in Chelsea. So-- I may not be impartial or anonymous, but I still know a fantastic baked good when I devour one, and if you know what's good for you (note: in this case "good for you" means "chock full of butter and sugar"), you'll hasten down to Billy's and grab whatever's on offer. If you happen to be served by someone who can barely see over the cupcake case and who clearly has no idea how to work the register, say hi!


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