Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pomegranate Pinkberry, because it's warm out

After a semi-successful dinner with BL on the UWS Saturday night (review to come), we debated our dessert prospects. The dessert menu was somewhat tempting... there was a particular tiramisu that was calling my name. But then BL mentioned he had a two-for-one Pinkberry coupon that expired the following day, and so it was decided. Sure, it may be 20 degrees out, and I may be unable to regulate my own body temperature, but there was a COUPON at STAKE here. Need I say more?

We blackberried the nearest Pinkberry, paid our billberry and headed for the doorberry. Ten frigid blockberries later (okay, I'll stop), we had found a Pinkberry (oddly, not the one we were heading for, but one about four blocks down the road from that location, apparently. Yay New York!). We joined the short line, slowly made our way to the front, and each asked for a taste of the new pomegranate flavor. It tasted, well, faintly pink. That is to say, it tasted pretty much identical to the original flavor, but it was pink, so it gave that extra bit of satisfaction. I ended up with a small swirl of original and pomegranate, for no real reason other than it looked pretty, and chose the oreo topping. BL went for a small original with strawberries. We paid. We used the coupon. We were satisfied. And cold. But really, after all, what else is dessert for other than to taste delicious while harming your body in a small yet significant way? Think about it.

Isn't it cute?

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