Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Another dumpling run at Sala Thai

After a relatively un-relaxing weekend, AV and I were looking for a low-key dinner. And naturally, said dinner had to be Thai. And, of course, include dumplings. God bless AV for humoring my ridiculous, insatiable, and everlasting cravings. Off to Sala Thai we skipped for some veggie dumplings and papaya salad.

Things proceeded much the same way they did on our previous visit. AV began the evening with a diet coke, which came in a cool tall glass but was almost entirely flat. Demerit.

But then the dumplings redeemed. These dumplings are green and slippery and craveable. Their filling isn't the typical chopped-veggie filling; it's long strands of some green vegetable. The dipping sauce was pretty spicy this time around but still delightful.

Lovely little parcels

The innards

After we split the dumplings, our entrees arrived. AV had strayed from his habitual pad see-ew to try the drunken noodle with chicken. It was a good choice-- I tried a few of the veggies, which were delish. And the noodles are so satisfying. Who doesn't like noodles?

Meat 'n' veg 'n' noodles 'n' steam

I went with the papaya salad (obvi), which was a manageable portion (not a daunting tower of papaya, as it was last time). Sala makes a damn tasty version of the salad, and the plate is lined with a bed of lettuce, which I like-- it adds a bit of crunchiness and heft to the dish. For some reason the tiny cherry tomatoes in the mixture were sort of mushy and gross, but everything else was top-notch.


And there you have it-- craving assuaged. For now, that is. When you're itching for Thai and want a no-fuss meal, Sala Thai fits the bill. Therefore, it keeps its solid three Offset Spatula rating.

Sala Thai
1718 Second Avenue, between 89th and 90th streets


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St. Patrick's Day style... ;)

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Erin go bragh!