Monday, June 1, 2009

The most fun Billy's Bakery cupcake ever

Last Friday, the delightful bakers at Billy's created something I've been asking for for several months (seriously): FUNFETTI CUPCAKES!!! I was attempting a bakery-item detox diet for the week, but when one of the awesome friendly counter staff workers specially frosted one for me with funfetti frosting... well... I gave in.

First: isn't it beautiful?

Just a little parcel of edible fun

And second: isn't it delicious? YES! The little confetti bits melted right into the cake batter, just as everyone remembers from childhood birthday cupcakes. But the best part was the very top of the cupcake, where it met the frosting: the little confetti bits that migrated to the top of the batter stayed crunchy, so the cupcake top had an incredible, delightful crunchy texture that was just out of this world. And the confetti's extra crunch in the funfetti frosting was a little something extra. All in all-- everything I've ever wanted.

Festive, sugary, and delicious!


Atiyah said...

That looks yummy.

Janine said...

By far one of the best cupcakes I've ever had.