Monday, July 13, 2009

A limited-time apple interlude, courtesy of Billy's

As part of the Billy's Tribeca Grand Opening celebration, we held a contest for customers to submit ideas for Billy's next bestselling product. The winning suggestion will be featured from July 19-25 at both Billy's locations. We chose the winner two weeks ago, and since then, the bakers have been testing recipes. Behold, the exceptionally delicious creation:

What is it??

That, of course, is an apple cupcake with cream cheese frosting. A cross-section reveals a hearty, brown-sugar-heavy batter packed with chunks of real apple.

Visible brown sugar... niiiiice

The scrumptious creation tastes almost like an appley gingerbread, full of those delicious gingerbread spices. Combined with our traditionally outrageous cream cheese frosting, which is given a smart dusting of cinnamon-sugar, this cupcake is a truly craveable treat. Mark your calendars-- it will only be available for one short week, so come on down and grab one when you can. Rest assured that I'll be eating as many as possible during that time...

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