Thursday, November 5, 2009

Back to Cavatappo for reliable classics

On Sunday night, pre-pastry binge, we swung by Cavatappo grill for some classic and delicious Italian food. The place was surprisingly hopping for a Sunday evening, but we squeezed into a tiny table along the wall and settled in.

We skipped drinks and apps and nibbled the bread while we waited for our entrees. Maybe it was just the way it was sliced, but this bread seemed different from their usual carb offering. This was substantial but dry and oddly flavorless; it seemed to lack salt. Perhaps it was authentic Tuscan bread?

Plain bread

No matter; our entrees arrived promptly. AV had selected an entree portion of the tagliatelle bolognese; he loved it. Especially since it was buried under a mountain of parmesan cheese. Mmmm.

Freak snow squall

My choice was the cremini mushroom salad. Since I wasn't really that hungry, I chose to omit the fontina cheese, which left greens, pears, walnuts, and mushrooms. With the truffle-oil-dressing on the side, I will admit self-evidently that the salad wasn't as good this time around as it was last time. However, that's my own fault. Next time I'll make sure I'm hungrier and get the salad the way it's supposed to be.

Better as the original

Pastry-bound, we skipped dessert and skipped out the door. Cavatappo is definitely our go-to UES Italian restaurant: it's reasonably priced, it's delicious, and the atmosphere is enjoyable. In its own genre, it's a definite four Offset Spatula joint. If you haven't been, try it out; it's a good date place, but no matter whom you're with, it won't disappoint.

Cavatappo Grill
1712 First Avenue, between 88th and 89th Streets

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