Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A curious (and chocolatey) sight on Saturday night...

Last Saturday evening, AV and I were wandering east from Chelsea on 20th street when something curious caught my eye:

A welcoming sight...

Having gone to college in Cambridge, MA, I'm very familiar with Burdick's-- it was the local chocolate shop, known equally for its incredibly decadent almost-bitter hot chocolate, delicious pastries, and tiny handmade chocolate mice. Could this be the same Burdick's? A quick trip inside and a few questions to the shopkeeper later, the verdict was: Yes! Apparently they opened only a couple of weeks ago and are slowly rolling out their full line of pastries. They plan to have wines available in addition to shelves and shelves of incredible chocolate. Too bad AV and I were on our way to dinner, otherwise we would have stuffed our faces with chocolate in all its forms. Rest assured, we will be back.

L.A. Burdick

5 East 20th Street, between 5th Avenue and Broadway


Jim Moran said...

None of my NYC friends believe me when I explain the ridiculousness that is Burdick's hot chocolate - now they'll drink their words.

Also, is that the old Fleur de Sel location?

Janine said...

Hi Jim,

That is indeed the old Fleur de Sel location... barely recognizable. And Burdick's hot chocolate is indeed ridiculous. Add wine to that equation and I may never leave...

Thanks for reading!