Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Medi Wine Bar makes it happen

I've been waiting for Medi Wine Bar to open for many months, so I was excited when the lights went on at the end of February. It took longer than I would have wanted, but I finally made it there on a rainy, cool evening, to meet up for a drink and a bite with DA.

Turns out it was worth the wait. The interior is really appealing, a nice mix between "cool" decor (Edison bulbs, fancy wall coverings) and laid back (lots of space between the raw-wood tables-- HUGE extra points for that). At the bar and at the tables are lots of people laughing talking and eating and drinking. It's pretty much the definition of "convivial."

Medi has a long and eclectic list of wines by the glass, many of which are truly reasonably priced (even in the $6-7 dollar range!). I chose a glass of sparkling rose cava, which smelled like strawberries and tasted bubbly and refreshing. DA chose a Lebanese red, which was spicy and complex and dark in lots of ways.

Okay, so maybe it's a little girly...

Now that's more respectable

We sipped our drinks and soon placed an order for some food to go with, which arrived promptly. For DA, a homestyle crock of garganelli with lamb ragu, green peas, mint, and pecorino. It was (reportedly) delicious, and the basket of bread left on our table along with a plate of olive oil was perfect for sopping up the sauce.

Steamin' hot!

Bread and salt with things in it?

For me, an order of mixed olives. Honestly, these were some of the best olives I've ever had, large and tender and marinated with olive oil and rosemary and some other spices. Salty and succulent and delicious-- perfect.

So delish!

So all in all, Medi was fantastic. I'm bummed it took so long for them to open, but I thoroughly plan on going as many times as I can in the next few months before I move away...

Medi Wine Bar
811 Ninth Avenue, between 53rd and 54th Streets

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