Monday, July 18, 2011

LWF&D goes to Napa and eats a lot of ice cream

Our hotel was just down the street from the Oxbow Public Market, one of the coolest places in Napa. It's a large indoor market with lots of different food stalls (kind of like the Essex Street Market back here, but a bit nicer and more relaxed), including an outpost of Kara's cupcakes, a produce stall, an oyster bar, a tea shop, a coffee station, etc. etc. But the most important place of all, according to me, was the outpost of Three Twins Ice Cream. Three Twins is noted for being one of the best ice cream purveyors in the area, so I was there. Literally. Many times.

The first visit was after our dinner at Obuntu. After a couple of samples, I chose a small cup of half mint confetti (pretty much standard mint chocolate chip) and half burnt caramel. The burnt caramel was the winner here, not nearly as bitter as some renditions of the flavor but plenty smooth and creamy. And the sprinkles were surprisingly delicious as well.

Happy birthday to me!

The next night after dinner I tried their lemon cookie flavor, and I never went back. It's a light lemon base with vanilla (potentially lemon?) sandwich cookies inside... it was an incredibly familiar flavor, like the girl scout cookies of my youth, without being overpoweringly lemony. Addictive and powerful, it replaced burnt caramel as my favorite.

Half lemon cookie, half burnt caramel

Oh, and another night I got half lemon cookie, half cookies and cream, which was also a damn fine rendition of a classic.

More sprinkles!

Suffice it to say that Three Twins makes some incredibly delicious ice cream. If I lived anywhere near one, I'd be there on a shamefully regular basis.

Three Twins Ice Cream
610-644 First Street, Napa

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