Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Comings and goings

On my way back from work today, I came across TWO pieces of dining news. Ahh, it's good to be back in NYC.

1) The first is sad news: It looks as though Kyma, the Greek restaurant on the corner of 46th and 8th Avenue, is closed! The windows were completely covered and the signage was taken down. I must say I'm not entirely surprised, since I don't think I've ever seen it more than a third full (and I pass by Kyma relatively frequently). But nonetheless I've heard really good things about the place, and it was on my list of neighborhood restaurants to visit. Oh well... guess I can cross that off the list.

2) The second is either sad or happy, depending on who you are: Yesterday on the way back from work I passed the abandoned shell of the Red Sea Yemeni Restaurant on 10th ave between 47th and 48th, which hasn't been open since I've lived here, despite the continued presence of its assertive blue awning. But yesterday, the awning had been taken down, and boy, was I excited-- a new restaurant would surely take its place! Maybe it'd be something fancy, or something cozy and neighborhood-y, or maybe even another ice cream place... the possibilities were endless. Well, they ended, because today I passed it and lo and behold, it's going to be a Pluck U chicken joint. Sigh. If you like chicken, good for you; if you...don't, then keep dreaming...

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