Wednesday, July 2, 2008

NYC Icy, chapter V

Another day, another icy. Stopped by on my way home from work. Pickings were somewhat slim this time around:

I don't really get the NYPD themes

I tried a taste of the mango cream icy. It was very subtle, sweet and not too mango-y, with just a touch of creaminess as it dissolves on your tongue. I also tried the caramel cream icy, which ended up being the night's winner. I love the taste of caramel, and this caramel was light but certainly present with no hint of bitterness. If you closed your eyes and tasted this flavor, it tasted almost like you had just eaten a Werther's and then put a spoonful of vanilla ice cream in your mouth. But more integrated. Right. The texture on this puppy was even lighter and more melty than usual, almost like whipped cream cheese with a bit more stretch. Needless to say, it was delicious, as all the icies I've tasted (except, perhaps, for the key lime pie) have been.

Melting eaves of ice cream

All I can say is, in order to begin to understand what I'm talking about (or at least to have the requisite tools to do so), you need to eat this stuff for yourself. Go. Eat icies. Be happy.

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