Tuesday, July 15, 2008

NYC Icy: I lost count

It's been a while since I last patronized NYC Icy, and since I'm going away tomorrow (public service announcement to follow), I figured I'd give it one last hurrah. Made my way down there and checked out the flavor board, as usual:

Today's offerings... with sugar free vanilla bean as a new addition

I decided to give the cotton candy icy a try, so I asked for a sample. It was pink, which was surprising-- not that cotton candy is a natural foodstuff, but when things are cotton candy flavored, aren't they always blue? No? Just me? Okay. Well, this icy packed a POWERFUL cotton candy punch as soon as you put it in your mouth... and then, since it's an icy, it mellowed as it melted a bit and the water diluted the flavor. I love cotton candy, but I could imagine getting sick of this flavor after a few heaping spoonfuls.

The little brown specks are the malt ball bits

Next I tried what became the night's winning flavor: Vanilla Malt Ball. This cream icy had a smooth, milky vanilla flavor with a strong overtone of malt. There were shards of malt balls throughout, but the pieces were very small-- mostly tiny bits of the exterior chocolate that coats a malt ball. It was almost as though the interior crunchiness of the malt ball had dissolved throughout the ice cream, leaving only bits of the shell. This was a truly delicious flavor, but I wished there were more and bigger chunks of malt ball throughout. Still, I'd definitely get it again.
There you have it-- till next time, NYC Icy...

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