Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's all good at B. Good

This past weekend I was back in Massachusetts visiting home. Saturday was spent on Newbury Street with Mom and WH; we hit as many shops as we could before WH and I met up with the bro and my dad for a Sox game. Since the ballpark doesn't have too many options for me to eat (besides cotton candy. Which I ate. An entire bag.), we stopped at B. Good in the late afternoon for some dinner grub.

When I was in school, I LOVED the B. Good in Harvard Square. They have such good food-- renditions of fast-food favorites, done healthily, and done well (their air fries are scrumptious). My favorite entree was their New American salad: baby spinach, sliced pear, shredded parmesan, croutons, and walnuts. I got it with the orange-soy dressing instead of the balsamic, and it was heavenly.

Well, when we popped by their new Newbury Street location this weekend, I found to my dismay that the menu had changed! Noooooooo!!! I had to content myself with their Hatchback salad, which came with both baby spinach and arugula (a nice touch), slivered almonds, bits of dried apple, and dried cherries. I opted to forgo the blue cheese, and I got the orange soy dressing on the side.

The replacement

The salad was definitely yummy-- the combination of ingredients was very hearty and satisfying, and I do love their orange soy dressing. However, it didn't hold a candle to their New American. But I'll still be back, because I love B. Good. If you happen to live in Boston, or if you're just visiting, seek out one of their locations (in addition to Newbury Street and Harvard Square, they've got places on Dartmouth Street near Copley and on Harvard Street in Brookline). It just might be, well, "good."

B. Good
272 Newbury Street, Boston

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