Saturday, September 20, 2008

NYC Icy: A break from the usual

Almost every time I've been to NYC Icy, with the exception of the occasional coconut icy, I've gotten a cream icy. That's how I roll-- after dinner, I crave something creamy, and sorbet just won't do it. But after dinner with my friend CF, I wanted something light and soothing to my throat, which was threatening to rebel with a full-fledged cold. So I ventured into the regular Icy flavors.
The offerings

I tried the passion fruit and the mango cream (yes, a cream icy, but whatever). Neither of them really did the job. Then I tried the strawberry icy; no, not really that either. So sight unseen (er, taste untasted), I ordered a mango icy. Caution, meet wind.

Mild mango

Well, it was okay. Not spectacular, not terrible. It was pretty standard mango sorbet. Not overwhelmingly mango-y; not tooth-achingly sweet. It tasted like mango and had tiny little flecks of mango in it. I guess that's all you can ask for from sorbet. Anyway, if you like mango sorbet, you'll probably like this, but next time I'm going back to the cream icies. From now on, I'll stick with what works.

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