Monday, August 3, 2009

Another solid papaya salad at Chili Thai

Two weeks ago (sorry, I'm catching up...), BL and I met for our monthly catch-up dinner. Since he had recently moved to the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood, we convened in the monsoonal downpour at Chili Thai, one of the local Thai places I had yet to try.

Chili Thai is short on atmosphere-- it's a small restaurant that has absolutely no memorable decor of any sort. That means you focus on the food. Which we did.

BL ordered shrimp fried rice. It was copious, hot, and delicious. Approved.

Carbs 'n' crustaceans

I (of course) went with the papaya salad. A good portion, this salad had a healthy smattering of traditional non-papaya elements (tomatoes, string beans, lettuce), which is a plus for me, and a good touch of spice. Also approved.

Shredded salad. Delish.

And there you have it-- perhaps the shorted LWF&D review ever. Chili Thai was solid; three Offset Spatula solid. Go. Try. Enjoy.

Chili Thai
712 Ninth Avenue, between 48th and 49th Streets

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