Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Chillin' on the Porch

Last night AG and I planned to meet up for drinks. Having not seen each other in several months (really? it's come to that?), we wanted someplace low-key where we could hear each other talk-- and someplace that was also near enough to the office so AG could return if he needed to post-drink (boo). We first tried the bar at Aureole, which I've been to once before and found to be swank but also chill. Well, one look at the bar this time around revealed an absolutely PACKED bar area with suits shoulder-to-shoulder. No thanks. So we steered ourselves toward Bryant Park to take in the Southwest Porch.

The Porch is something of a pop-up hangout spot courtesy of Southwest Airlines. AG and I arrived to find the place also-- surprise!-- packed. But as soon as we were about to turn around and leave, two lovely people decided to depart. So we spent an hour chilling on a porch swing, sipping beverages. No, really, we did.

Our view of the Porch from the swing

I went with an $8 glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Though served in a plastic cup (which I understand, this being outdoors and all, although it's still disappointing given my love of good glassware), it was zippy and zingy and all those z-words, with an alcoholic bite that jumped out at you first thing. AG went for a beer. I asked several times for a glass of water to accompany the wine, and eventually a server swung by with two cans, saying they were "complimentary water." Two things here: 1) I've never heard anyone refer to water as "complimentary" in this manner, pitching it as a HUGE plus; and 2) I've never, ever had non-carbonated water in a can. It was cool, yet somehow still disconcerting, as though it was supposed to be carbonated but they just forgot.

Southwest Airlines water. In a can.

So all in all, the Southwest Porch is a really cool place to chill on a nice summer evening. "Swing" by (har har har) with a friend or two, grab a drink and a bite to eat, and enjoy the urban semi-oasis that is Bryant Park. It's quite nice, actually.

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