Monday, August 3, 2009

I eat a lot of Thai food.

Last weekend, AV and I were in search of a local dinner, as we often are, and lo and behold, we settled on Thai. We headed out to Ninth Avenue and actually planned to try a new Thai restaurant. So we strolled up to Yum Yum Too, the newest branch of the Yum Yums. We entered the full restaurant, and the hostess came up to us, promptly informed us they had no tables, ushered us out the door, and pointed vaguely toward the other Yum Yums before hurrying back inside. Oooooohkay.

We actually did make it to one of the other Yum Yums-- maybe Yum Yum III?-- but were promptly put off by the grimy, disgusting menus and the somewhat tired atmosphere. So off we scurried to our Old Standby, Tai Thai, where we settled gratefully. Sigh. Well, we tried.

We started with an order of their fantastic vegetable gyoza. These are just extravagantly delicious, with micron-thin skins and a tasty mixed filling. Yum yum, indeed.

These dumplings take the cake

For our entrees, AV went with the pad thai. I jacked a noodle or two and was promptly reminded why I used to love pad thai. There's something about that combination of flavors-- sweet, spicy, savory, something else-- that's incredibly addictive and insanely delicious.

Pretty in pad

My own choice was-- surprise!-- papaya salad, and it was fantastic as always. When I order Thai takeout in the 'hood, I always get the papaya salad from Tai Thai. It's copious and tasty and satisfying, perfect for when you're me and you want Thai.

Just so delicious

And so it was-- another cheap and delightful dinner at Tai Thai, which defines the cheap four-OS genre. Yum Yums, we tried, but when you've got someplace as delish as Tai Thai across the street, there's just no competition.

Tai Thai
693 Ninth Avenue, between 47th and 48th

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