Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ice cream saves the day

On an epically bad day last week, I needed ice cream. That's really all that needs to be said about why I ended up at Holey Cream, desperate for as much cold stuff as I could stuff in my face to numb what had gone on earlier. Fortunately, I encountered two very kind employees who plied me with as many samples as I could handle, and then once I chose, piled a "small" cup high with as many scoops as it could hold, bending the rules to fit two flavors in one cup.

I ate all of this. It required both spoons.

My choices were Heath Bar and a Caramel Turtle flavor. The flavor profiles were fairly similar: creamy vanilla ice cream accented with crunchy caramel notes. The cream was clearly premium, rich and smooth and filling and fattening. And as the caramel flavors melted and anesthetized my tongue, I inwardly blessed the person who invested ice cream. Thank you, whoever you are (were), for providing me a cost-effective way to drown my sorrows in sugar and saturated fat. Amen.

Holey Cream
Ninth Avenue and 53rd Street

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