Thursday, October 21, 2010

Some early fall Pinkberry to bring me back

The other day, I met NK at Pinkberry for a midweek evening snack. I've mentioned a couple of times before that I don't go to Pinkberry very often, since it's outrageously expensive and always leaves me feeling a little empty and used, somehow. But for an evening snack, it's relatively harmless, so we Pinkberry'd away.

This time, I tried the chocolate Pinkberry, swirled with the original flavor. The best way I can describe this combination is... odd. The chocolate Pinkberry is pretty much exactly as you'd expect it: a slight cocoa taste overlaid on the classic tart, yogurty tang. It might be just the thing for some people, but to my palate the combination is just a little weird, and the toppings I picked-- strawberry, mango, and little chocolate beads that had their own slightly off flavor-- didn't do anything to harmonize the tastes. The swirl of original flavor only served to accentuate the yogurtyness, highlighting how out of place the chocolate seemed. It was basically a cup of dischord; each flavor tasting okay on its own but stubbornly fighting the others like two recalcitrant toddlers in a sandbox.

Pretty enough, but...

So there you go. For about $6, it's not the best snack I've ever mustered up in this town. Next time I'm stickin' with ice cream.

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