Sunday, October 19, 2008

Come for the fries, stay for the tuna burger at Blue Fin

On Friday, I went for a nostalgic fancy lunch with my colleague WM and our former manager DC. We elbowed through the Times Square crowds, pushing past vendors offering free cans of Pepsi Max, up a few blocks from our office to Blue Fin in the W Hotel.

We were led to a table in the sleek, clean-lined dining room. The menu hasn't changed in the past year, so we gave it a cursory glance and placed our order. Meanwhile, we tackled the bread basket. Blue Fin has a reliable and very good bread basket, which offers not only satisfyingly crisp-crusted multigrain rolls but also parmesan sesame-seed flatbread. Both options are delish.

Delightful rolls and artsy, freeform flatbread

True to its role catering to the upscale midtown lunch crowd, Blue Fin brought our entrees quite promptly. WM had ordered a plate of sushi, which was well-crafted and featured very fresh fish. The rolls got a positive review.

Pretty and colorful

DC had gone for the tuna burger, his regular order at Blue Fin. The burger features a tuna steak topped with avocado, special sauce, and other condiments. But the true star of this dish was the cone of french fries served alongside. A very generous order, the fries themselves were standouts-- thin, crisp, hot, and salty. DC described them as like those from Jack in the Box... having never been to Jack in the Box, I'll just have to say they're the best I've had in a while.

Beautiful golden fries, eclipsing the burger in taste AND stature

The cutest plate of condiments in the West

I ordered the goat cheese salad, which came with beets, pistachios, and microgreens. I actually requested they replace the goat cheese with something else-- just wasn't in the mood for it this time around-- and they easily complied by substituting asparagus. The asparagus was well-cooked and melded seamlessly into the salad. The greens were also well-seasoned with salt and pepper, making it so I didn't even need the dressing. Yum.

Even the nuts are green.

Blue Fin is a great lunch destination in Times Square. It's very expensive, but the food is delicious and professionally made and the service is seamless and prompt. If you have an opportunity to indulge in a truly fancy lunch, head over to the corner of 47th and Broadway, push through the too-hip-for-their-own-good glass doors, and sit down for a four-Offset-Spatula meal. And don't forget to order the fries!

Blue Fin
1567 Broadway (at 47th Street)

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