Saturday, October 11, 2008

NYCWFF: Saturday daytime observations

I made my way down to the Meatpacking district this afternoon to check out the Wine & Food Festival action. What follows are my random observations:

1) The "Greenmarket in the Meatpacking District," set up on the little triangular island outside the Apple store, was lame. It was one (ONE) farmer's market booth, selling basically apples and little else. I bought two enormous (and admittedly beautiful) honeycrisps for $3.50 and instantly regretted it.

2) I stopped by the Eater Blogger Lounge to say hi to the awesome folks at Eater. I met Amanda, the Editor-in-chief, and chatted with the photographers and other figures mulling around. While I was there, Dana Cowin (Editor of Food & Wine), the chef at Butter, and the owner of Murray's Cheese came in and out. There was also a huge platter of charcuterie courtesy of Murray's Cheese, with long white ribbons of duck fat. Apparently the duck fat was delicious (breaking news! Fat tastes good!).

3) On my way back towards Union Square for the REAL farmer's market, I made my way through the zoo that was Chelsea Market. I saw throngs waiting in line for a cookbook signing (either Giada di Laurentiis or Guy Fieri, hard to tell), and I glimpsed Rachael Ray apparently finishing some sort of demo or photo shoot. Then I got the hell out of there. That place was MOBBED.

So that's all from the Saturday afternoon front. I am currently attempting to digest a light dinner so I can be fully, fully hungry for the event to come tonight. Stay tuned...

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