Friday, October 17, 2008

Seasonal beer and greasy food at Heartland Chophouse

Thursday evening, my team from work and I went for a few beers and apps at the Times Square outpost of Heartland Brewery, the Heartland Chophouse. We were easily accommodated at a table for ten, and we hunkered down with the menus, ordering a round of beers (and a glass of perfectly serviceable Sauvignon Blanc for me) and a selection of appetizers.

Below is the damage-- all of it was pretty much as you'd expect at a burger chain (that is, greasy, tastes good going down, causes delayed-onset regret a few hours later).

The best thing on the table-- complimentary rolls. They were exceptionally light and airy and tasted faintly of onion. The accompanying unsalted butter pats were just the right accompaniment.

Popcorn shrimp. Fried.

Calimari. Also fried. Looked eerily similar to the popcorn shrimp.

Bison sliders. These were very cute and apparently good enough to merit a second order.

Quesadillas-- these went quickly. I tried some of the guac, which was average.

Plain nachos-- they brought extra chips upon request, which was nice.

Nachos with chili. The chili was somewhat suspect.

And there you have it. No surprises-- good beer (the Pumpkin Ale was the fan favorite), average food, and a place to gather with your coworkers at the end of the week. I won't break out the spatulas here, because we didn't really have a full meal, but suffice it to say that Heartland was exactly what we were looking for, and we left happy.

Heartland Chophouse
127 W. 43rd street, between Broadway and 6th Avenue

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