Sunday, October 19, 2008

NYC Icy: Takeout pints and a bit of attitude

After dinner at Puttanesca, BL and I stopped into NYC Icy. Since the weather has turned cooler, there hasn't been as much business in there (naturally), so I feel a little extra good about patronizing the neighborhood shop. This time, I was happy to see that they had finally gotten their to-go freezer up and working, so there were takeout pints on offer. Unfortunately, they seemed to be all icies rather than cream icies, and there was a pretty paltry selection of flavors. Nonetheless, I snapped a picture of the freezer for you, my devoted readers. And that's when the guy behind the counter started giving me attitude. "What's that picture for?" he asked warily. I explained it was for a blog, and he was not amused. Um, hi there, mister, but seeing as how we're clearly the only people who have bought anything at this shop this evening, maybe you shouldn't be so snippy. Anyway, I didn't let it bug me too much, and we moved on to the hard work of selecting our own icies.

Hopefully they'll step up their game with this soon...

Before deciding, I sampled the green apple caramel cream icy. Upon placing the spoon on my mouth, I nearly cried out, "This tastes like green apple!" In fact, after swallowing the spoonful of icy, I DID exclaim that it tasted like green apple. And it did-- very, very much like tart granny smith apple, with a gentle wash of caramel on the aftertaste. Powerful, true to life, and a bit weird. It was good, but I didn't want a whole cup of it at the time.

So I went with the good ol' nutella, while BD selected the cookies 'n' cream. The nutella was just as it had been the first time I had it-- spectacular, like airy, whipped, frozen nutella. Absolutely fabulous.

Nutella, how I love thee

NYC Icy, if you kill the attitude, I'll continue to patronize you faithfully through the cold, cruel winter ahead. If not... well, there are a few gallons of Edy's Slow Churned in the freezer calling my name. I'm just sayin'...

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