Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Crystal Ball: The inevitable has occurred

A few months ago, I passed Blue Point, a seafood restaurant on the corner of Restaurant Row at 9th Avenue, for the umpteenth time and noticed the extensive collection of desperate specials on offer. Free drinks; complimentary food; 50% off this and that. That ridiculousness, coupled with the fact that the joint was pretty much always empty, made me head directly to my home computer and nominate the place for the Eater deathwatch. Alas, my nomination went unheeded, so Blue Point became the sole distinguished member of my own personal deathwatch.

Well, lo and behold, earlier this week I passed the space on my way to work, and Blue Point was gone! Replaced, in fact, by yet ANOTHER outpost of the Yum Yum Thai dynasty. I'm unsure exactly how the 100-square-yard area around 46th street and 9th avenue can support FOUR Yum Yum locations, but hey, somehow Harvard Square boasts three Au Bon Pains and two Bob Slate Stationers (inside joke...), so perhaps it's feasible.

Blatantly plastered over the Blue Point decor

Yum Yum Too!

"Private Party"? Haha. Right.

Regardless, the important point here is: I am vindicated!!

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