Monday, November 3, 2008

Plywood: France overtakes Greece in the old Kyma space

On my way home Monday evening, I walked past the former Kyma space to see how things were coming along. Lo and behold, the butcher paper was off the windows, revealing the restaurant-to-be inside. Looks like the winner is "Brasserie Athenee," which looks like a wannabe Pigalle (coincidentally across the street and up two blocks). The interior is suitably brasserie-ish, and it looks as though the space will be bright and bustling... that is, if people go. There's already a website up, and Opentable claims the place will open on Wednesday the 5th. We'll see. I still mourn the fact that I never got to Kyma.

Requisite chandeliers and banquettes... but will the food be any good?

Brasserie Athenee
300 W. 46th Street, at the corner of 8th Avenue

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