Thursday, April 8, 2010

Back to Holey Cream we go

After a delectable dinner at Taboon, AV and I were both relatively full but craving something sweet. In celebration of the incredible spring-like weather we were having, we decided to head for ice cream. (Because as we all know, LWF&D does not do ice cream when it's cold out. Right.)

We first tried to pick up some soymilk soft serve at Kyotofu, but after waiting in the vestibule for 5-10 minutes without being helped, we decided to take our business on the road. So we ended up a few blocks north at Holey Cream.

Tempted by the freshly made and lavishly decorated donuts in the cases at the front, we stuck to our guns and headed straight for the ice cream. AV chose Heath Bar; I went for their low-fat chocolate with peanut butter. AV's was a more than competent version of the classic: sweet and rich with plenty of Heath Bar action. Mine was delicious, consisting of a light chocolate base interspersed with chocolate chips and thick ribbons--truly enormous shards, really-- of creamy peanut butter that softens as the treat begins to melt. They claim this flavor has fewer calories than Tasti D, but I really can't imagine that's true. It's a springtime delight either way.

Vanilla base, toffee accents

See the peanut butter shard peeking out at the bottom?

Holey Cream, we'll be seeing you again soon.

Holey Cream
Ninth Avenue and 53rd Street

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