Friday, April 16, 2010

A brief lunch at Wichcraft

I'm usually a brown bag lunch type of person, so while I'm all about giving recommendations for dinner destinations, I'm surprisingly useless when it comes to the dining-out lunch scene. But yesterday, my mom was in town for a business meeting, so I met up with her for lunch. I chose 'Wichcraft, at 46th and 5th, because it seemed as though it would be right up her alley.

The restaurant was calm and quiet when I got there just before noon. The sandwich makers were poised, ready for action. I chose a table in the back, and when my mom joined me, we placed an order. For me, a bottle of diet black cherry soda. For her, the same, plus a chicken sandwich: chicken breast, grilled mushrooms and onions, green olive tapenade, and fontina, all arranged on country bread and given a hearty pressing in the panini machine. Warm and melty and thoroughly pleasing, as my mom professed between mouthfuls. Me, I was content with my black cherry soda, but I give 'Wichcraft the nod on Mom's behalf.

Uneven char, but still good

555 Fifth Avenue, at 46th Street

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