Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The biggest burger LWF&D has ever seen

Last Sunday afternoon, I was at ESPN Zone in Times Square. Don't ask why. Please. I couldn't even give you a good answer. But that's neither here nor there: What IS here, and potentially also there, is the food (obvi. This is a food blog). AV's friend PP ordered the Triple Double Burger, medium rare. For those laymen and women out there, that's two 8-ounce patties with American, cheddar, and swiss cheese, served with lettuce, tomato, and onion on a bun. Not that you're counting, but yes, that's a full pound of meat in that thar burger.

What arrived was a monstrosity. I couldn't shake myself from my gaping, open-mouthed shocked stupor in time to shoot a photo of the whole burger, and what follows doesn't do justice to the enormity of the thing. The full-sized bun looked like a beret on top of the two hulking, flaccid, three-quarter-inch-thick patties. The substantial pile of fries filling out the rest of the plate looked like a half-eaten bag of Potato Stix next to the burger. It was pretty much unfathomable.

Half. HALF.

ESPN Zone, I have no words. You have outdone yourself.

1472 Broadway, at 42nd Street

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