Thursday, May 27, 2010

A quick stop at LPQ

Last weekend, SW and I got together for a catch-up bite. We were aiming for Cafe Zaiya near Bryant Park, but the seating situation wasn't quite what we were hoping for, so we ended up around the corner at Le Pain Quotidien.

Nothing much new here-- it's still the charming rustic chain restaurant that's disproportionately good for what it has to be. SW ordered a ricotta, fig, and honey tartine. It looked pretty darn delicious, except for the incongruous bits of chopped tomato in the mix. Tomato? Really? In this already classically delicious sweet-and-savory combination? I'd consider ordering this tartine, but I think sans tomato is definitely the way to go.

White canvas, with honey. And tomato.

She also got a mint lemonade. Thumbs up, and extra thumbs up for reminding us of a mojito.

So tropical!

I got a sparkling water. It wasn't worth photographing.

And that's that. Till next time, LPQ, till next time.

Le Pain Quotidien
70 W. 40th Street, between 5th and 6th Avenues

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