Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sweet somethings at St. Andrews

Last night I met up with LF and JW, the former dream team at work, for our every-few-months catch-up drinks. We always meet in Times Square as the triangulated location closest to all of our offices. This time I chose St. Andrews, a charming Scottish pub where I'd been before briefly for drinks, as our destination.

I arrived first and was able to snag a booth, no problem. While my two companions made their way there, I got down to business. I'd heard good things about the sticky toffee pudding at this place, and since I'd been to London the week before without having had even the tiniest bite of sticky toffee pudding, I decided I needed to remedy that (for research purposes, of course, for my other other job).

The dessert emerged moments later. It was a sizeable miniature cake, topped with a dollop of whipped cream and swimming in a sea of caramel sauce. I took one bite: the cake was warm and very moist (this was date cake, after all) and super, super sweet. For those without a high tolerance for sugar, avoid this dessert at all costs—the cake, combined with the saccharine caramel sauce, provided a straight-up hit of sweetness that shocked the senses. It was so powerful that the slowly-melting sweetened whipped cream actually cut the sugary sensation, as though it were sour cream or crème fraiche. Now, given that my sweet tooth is pretty much a force of nature, I loved it. It was warm and comforting and filling in the manner of the best kinds of desserts. I wished there had been more whipped cream, but as it was, it was pretty darn delicious.

Don't be fooled... this puppy is SWEET!

I was happy. And LF and JW were happy with their Yuenglings. And there was a woman who was off-her-face drunk at the table next to us at 7:30PM. What's not to love?

St. Andrews
140 W. 46th Street, between 6th and 7th Avenues

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