Monday, December 13, 2010

Some more pure flavors at Grom

After dinner at Snack, BD and I skipped over to Grom to cash in a gift certificate I'd bought on discount a while ago. I had $10 in credit, so we both ordered small cups, and I threw in an extra $.50 to make up the difference.

Our experience was consistent with my other forays into the wide and wild world of Grom. The flavors were incredibly pure and intense. BD's pistachio flavor, despite being an unappealing muddy brownish-green, tasted like eating a mouthful of cool, pureed pistachios. My half-nougat, half-stracciatella had the crunchy, nutty elements from the nougat flavor and the straight-up cream and slightly bitter dark chocolate of the stracciatella.


Lots of spoons = lots of samples

There's no mistaking it; Grom is good. It's filling, and a little goes a long way. Unfortunately, you definitely pay for the privilege; $5.25 for a mere half-cup still gets my goat. Ah, well, sometimes when you need some gelato, you just have to let Grom get the best of you for a moment.

233 Bleecker Street at Carmine Street

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