Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The foamiest latte in the world

The other day, I encountered the foamiest latte in the world. Its source was Le Pain Quotidien on the UWS, where I was having coffee and a light bite with SB.

I got a pot of green tea. Extra points to LPQ for steaming the side of milk for the tea-- well done.

Tea service

SB got a fruit salad. LPQ's fruit salads are always reliably fresh and varied, so there's that.


And then... the latte. It was a soy latte, in fact. And take a look at the picture-- it's so freakin' foamy it looks like rice pudding. Or oatmeal. I mean, is that not ridiculous??

How do they DO that?

That is all.

Le Pain Quotidien
60 W. 65th Street, at Columbus

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