Thursday, February 17, 2011

JP Licks is truly delish

Part of what I like about going home is indulging in the sweets I miss when I'm living in NYC. Usually that means Finale, a desserterie that is pretty much my equivalent of heaven. But my visit home was so short last weekend that I didn't get a chance to go Finaleing... and for a while it looked as though I wouldn't get any of my favorite desserts at all. Cue the violins...

...But then Saturday evening saved the day. When visiting my friend BD in Somerville, we grabbed a light dinner and then bounded across the snowy streets of Davis Square into JP Licks, one of my favorite ice creameries in the world. They've got my allegiance because they always have several delicious low-fat hard frozen yogurt flavors, which is both rare and extremely welcome (from my perspective, at least).

This time around, I went with a small cup of half chocolate chip cookie hard yogurt, half mint chocolate chip hard yogurt. The chocolate chip cookie is a smooth, rich vanilla yogurt studded with bits of chocolate chip cookie-- unusual and awesome. And the mint chip won me over because it was-- get this-- NOT green. There's something about plain white frozen yogurt that still brings a strong minty tingle that makes it seem... I don't know... more real? And the large dark chocolate chunks are a bonus. Plus, the small cup was so big that I couldn't finish it.

Nothin' like good ice cream in the middle of winter. Yup.

BD got a small cup of the chocolate raspberry ice cream. I took a tiny taste and, oh my, was it good. It tasted just like a raspberry truffle, rich and fruity and chocolatey all at once. It lingered on the tongue just like a high-quality Belgian chocolate. Boy howdy.

So there you go. If there were a JP licks in NYC, I'd be all up in there all the time. Perhaps it's better that there isn't...

JP Licks
Several locations in Eastern Massachusetts

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