Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Bryant Park is tasty in cupcake form

Lately, as I mentioned previously, my cravings have shifted away from the frozen treats realm more towards the pastry realm once again. It's a seasonal change, for sure, brought about by the lack of 100-degree temperatures that make ice cream almost a life-giving elixir rather than an optional indulgence. Maybe it's also due to the fact that I haven't been sleeping well. But I've gotten back on the cupcake train, and that train was making frequent stops at Crumbs.

This time, I was lured in by their cupcake of the week, the Bryant Park. A massive stump of chocolate cake, this confection is filled with chocolate mousse and frosted with white chocolate cream cheese frosting. There are white chocolate curls and chocolate cake crumbs to provide subtle and classy decoration. But how does it taste?

Camouflage cupcake

Delicious, in a completely overkill kind of way. Crumbs' chocolate cake is actually quite good; it's delicious, springy cake that's rich without being dense or greasy. Paired with the white chocolate cake, it's a classic chocolate-and-vanilla pairing. The chocolate mousse filling, a surprisingly hefty dollop in the center of the cake, is unnecessary, in my humble yet completely correct opinion. Granted, I'm generally not a fan of chocolate-on-chocolate desserts (I need the balance of vanilla or cream), but I scooped pretty much all of it out. I really liked the white chocolate shavings, though; in fact, the top section of this cupcake was a true delight.

Check out all that mousse!

Make no mistake: this is a gutbomb of the highest order. Don't even think about eating the whole thing yourself; even taking down half of this probably takes years off your life (delicious, delicious years). But when you need a cupcake, you need a cupcake. And the Bryant Park delivers.

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