Friday, September 10, 2010

LWF&D goes back to colleeggggggeeee... back in time

The next stop on my journey was Williamsburg, PA, for William & Mary. I'd been to Williamsburg once a long, long while ago, and I was pleasantly surprised this time around to find that I still liked the area quite a bit.

The old town area has quite a few tempting restaurants, from the Fat Canary to Trellis, but I was looking for something quick and simple. Off to Aromas, a local coffee shop, I went, and soon I had a Greek salad and a seat at a nice people-watching outdoor table. The salad was typical but fresh, with a lot of extremely salty milky feta. The balsamic vinaigrette on the side was particularly tasty.


And after dinner, I headed for the final treat of the trip. You'll laugh, but I'm serious: Dairy Queen. I love DQ. This one was a drive-through, and I honestly haven't procured any food in a drive-through manner in so many years, I actually can't even remember where or when the last time was. But fortunately I remembered the technique, and soon I was digging in to a small cup of their vanilla-chocolate swirl. Milky, sweet, chocolate-vanilla heaven. Why, oh why, don't they have DQ in NYC?

Oh DQ, how you tug on my heart

And then back home the next day to enjoy the beautiful fall weather in the city. Hope you all are having a delightful early September as well!

431 Prince George Street, Williamsburg, VA

Dairy Queen
105 Bypass Road, Williamsburg, VA

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