Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Back in black... sesame

Like a superb personal shopper, or a nagging child who knows how to get under his mother's skin, Kyotofu knows exactly how to draw me in. All it takes is black sesame soymilk soft serve-- whip up a batch of that intoxicating flavor, and I'll buy it at least once during the week in which it's featured. Clockwork.

This week it was paired with vanilla, and I got a black sesame-vanilla swirl. The only thing out of the ordinary this time around was I tried a new topping: the sweet potato caramel. Behold:

Looks nicer with the red fruit compote...

With the addition of the pale yellow caramel against the background of the gray black sesame and white vanilla, the whole concoction took on something of a sickly tinge. It wasn't the prettiest dessert I've ever had. But it was seriously good. The caramel actually retained some of its sweet potato flavor, which was interesting; it lent a bit of intriguing sweetness to the soft serve background. And the black sesame was its same old peanut-buttery self, the perfect foil for the cool vanilla. I think next time around I'll stick with my traditional fruit compote, but I'll always return for the black sesame.

705 Ninth Avenue, between 48th and 49th Streets

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