Monday, July 26, 2010

Black sesame soft serve... I can't resist

The allure of Kyotofu soymilk soft serve has struck again... last Friday I found myself ducking into the little white shop and emerging with a cup of black sesame and vanilla swirl, with fresh fruit compote on top. I generally find Kyotofu's outrageous flavors to be varying degrees of successful, but as I mentioned previously, I find the black sesame flavor insanely appealing, especially when combined with a little bit of their pure, cool vanilla.

New cups this time around!

I must say, this treat absolutely hit the spot as it melted rapidly in the tropical air. I scooped up mouthfuls of vanilla, black sesame, and sweet fruit, mouthful after mouthful, cooling me from within. This time I tried to pinpoint what the black sesame flavor tasted like, and finally I figured it out: peanut butter. Close your eyes and take a bite, and you'll get a hint of that rich, savory flavor that peanut butter brings to the table, which makes sense-- imagine the similarities between tahini (made from sesame seeds) and peanut butter. Black sesame is almost like a light peanut butter with a hint of caramel... it's intriguing and alluring and addictive and altogether too difficult to resist. Evidently.

It's worth noting this time as well that the service was quite friendly and prompt-- I've had issues with that in the past. I guess that's what keeps me coming back to Kyotofu; for every time I have a disappointing or frustrating experience, I have two delightful and sweet visits that keep me coming back for more. And for their black sesame soft serve, I'd endure quite a bit-- I can't recommend it more highly. If you see it on the menu (check their Twitter for updates), definitely go out of your way to give it a try. It will make you a believer.

705 Ninth Avenue, between 48th and 49th Streets

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