Friday, July 30, 2010

Holey Cream surprises with a new star fro yo

This may come as a surprise, but after BL's and my dinner at Thai Basil, we wanted ice cream. Maybe it was because it was 90 degrees out-- I don't know-- but the ice cream desire was strong in both of us, and given that we were a few blocks away from no fewer than four good ice cream options, we had our pick.

And BL's choice (being the guest in the neighborhood, he had power of decision) was Holey Cream. After a few near flavor tweaks, he emerged quite a happy camper with a cookie dough cone.


Usually at Holey Cream I go for their outstanding chocolate and peanut butter frozen yogurt, but this time I was in the mood for something different. And then a new flavor caught my eye: Berry Pomegranate with Granola frozen yogurt. Could it be? Would it be good? I tried a taste. Jackpot!

Hello, gorgeous

This was surprisingly, deliciously tasty and complex. The base yogurt is vanilla, mild but still rich enough to fool you into thinking you may be eating something close to ice cream. There's a substantial berry swirl, almost like jam, making things interesting all the way through; there's enough berry in there that most bites are berry-inflected. Every now and then you encounter a pocket of something crumbly, which I'll presume is the granola (although honestly it reminded me more of graham cracker or something similar than of true crunchy granola). And for good measure, there's the odd large chocolate chunk. All I can say is-- wow. I'll be back to try this again before the flavor disappears.

I must say, it was mighty pleasant reclining in the bright green Adirondack chairs Holey Cream parks in front of its storefront, eating some ice cream, and people-watching on Ninth Avenue. We both got covered in ice cream as it melted faster than we could eat it. Ahh, summer.

Holey Cream
Ninth Avenue and 53rd Street

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