Thursday, July 15, 2010

Birthday lunch at LPQ

Dear readers, last week was my birthday. I turned 25, and it was rather uneventful. However, my delightful and thoughtful brother took me out to lunch to celebrate my day. We headed to Le Pain Quotidien, right around the corner from his office.

You may recall that Tuesday, July 6, was 103 degrees in this sultry, sweltering city. We were nearly melting once we got inside, and the restaurant was packed with sweating bodies, making things just a touch warmer than they otherwise would have been. No matter, we pressed on, flagging down a harried waitress and placing our order.

For me, a cup of berries. LPQ does this well, with mostly fresh specimens, although this cup was kind of only about 2/3 full. The cup is small to begin with, guys-- better fill 'er up to the top.

Fresh and pretty

The bro went with the chicken cobb salad. This was a bit more robust, packed with shards of bacon, cubes of forme d'ambert cheese, and topped with a fanned-out quarter of an avocado. He enjoyed it.

Manly salad

We both had to eat and run to get back to our respective offices, but it was certainly nice to get out and get some quality sibling time. Thanks D!

Le Pain Quotidien
1271 6th Avenue, at 51st Street

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