Thursday, July 1, 2010

LWF&D goes back to Billy's for some cupcakes

Last Sunday, I stopped by Billy's Tribeca to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the location. To commemorate the event, they were selling $1 cupcakes, so I bought two. And then I ate them for dinner. Oops?

First up: a red velvet. Still delicious, if a little bit TOO red for my taste (I think it would be just as delicious without the dye). The cake is tender and you can actually taste the cocoa, and the cream cheese frosting is still my kryptonite, just as I remember it.


Next, I proceeded to a carrot cake cupcake, perhaps my favorite of Billy's creations. The cake is just so moist, packed with nuts and coconut and crazy deliciousness. Combine that with the same cream cheese frosting, and... well... we're done here.


You know I'm not exactly unbiased, but I do love me some Billy's, and I miss eating the delicious baked goods every day. Well, my arteries probably don't, but my taste buds sure do...

Billy's Bakery
75 Franklin Street, between Broadway and Church Street

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