Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Minimalist brunch at Roc

On Sunday, AC and I met for brunch at Roc in Tribeca. Neither of us was really hungry at all (what were we doing at brunch, you might ask? Good question), so the following is what was consumed:

For me-- a green tea. This was presented just as a cup of already-steeped tea, no teabag, no press, no way to control how much the tea was steeped. I've never seen that before, and I can confidently say I don't like it. It also came off as somewhat cheap: $3 for this tiny cup of water? I dunno...

Too steeped for me

For AC-- first, the bread basket. Lots of bread here, including a very greasy focaccia that required a fork and knife due to the grease almost oozing out of the bread.

Maybe the napkin below is to sop up the grease?

Second, a cold tomato soup with a puck of breaded goat cheese in the center. AC liked it, and she ate about half of the soup with a good amount of bread.

Soup with oil and cheese

And that was it. There were some good looking pastas and salads emerging from the kitchen in addition to the paltry food the two of us consumed, so I think I'll hold off on rating the place on the off-chance I go back to give it a fair shake. Till then...

190 Duane Street at Greenwich Street

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