Monday, June 28, 2010

Midday desserts and coffee at Brasserie Athenee

Last weekend, PR and I met up for coffee in Midtown. We tried to grab a table at Pigalle, the hit-or-miss French brasserie at 48th and 10th, and got so much attitude from the host that we decided to go elsewhere. Lo and behold, Brasserie Athenee, just a few blocks down from Pigalle, was happy to welcome us.

We gratefully escaped the rain in the mostly empty, very French-style dining room. PR ordered a cappuccino, and I ordered a sparkling water. We sipped.


And then the piece de resistance arrived: PR's cheesecake. This was a big hunk 'o' cake, halfheartedly decorated with strawberries for color more than flavor. One bit revealed an intensely rich, creamy texture, sweet but almost in a subtle way. I wished the graham cracker crust had been a bit less soggy, but other than that this was some pretty good cheesecake.

Gets the job done!

And so, with our cheesecake and our beverages, we were happy. Thank you, Brasserie Athenee, for taking us in when Pigalle was Too Cool for School. Rest assured your hospitality was much appreciated.

Brasserie Athenee
300 W. 46th Street, at 8th Avenue

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