Thursday, June 17, 2010

A little this, a little that at Ceci Cela

Last weekend, AC and I got together at Ceci Cela in Soho to catch up. I'd actually had one of their fruit tarts (courtesy of the very same AC.... :-) ) a while back, but I'd never been to the cafe to sit and eat. Turns out there's a very cute, very French, and very small little cafe in the back of the space, behind the pastry cases in front. Music plays, ceiling fans whir, and it actually feels as though you're on the streets of Paris.

While I sipped a small Perrier (only $1.50-- not bad for dine-in prices!), AC got an iced latte (delicious) and a croque-monsieur. This came with a big handful of mesclun and some vinaigrette. There was some ham sandwiched between two slices of thick, soft, golden bread, and the whole thing was smothered in a blanked of melted cheese. AC truly enjoyed it. And I'll admit, I was a little jealous.


...and Cheesy!

It was hard to pass up the tempting treats at the front counter on the way out, but with a thunderstorm bearing down on us, we dashed out to get to our next destinations before the deluge. If you're ever in Soho and are searching for a peaceful place to rest your legs, give Ceci Cela a thought-- there's some reasonably-priced savory food, a whole lot of tempting sweets, and a cute little area that lets you feel-- momentarily, at least-- very far away.

Ceci Cela
55 Spring Street

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