Monday, June 21, 2010

Sweeter than sweet at Kyotofu

Okay, I admit it: I went back to Kyotofu. Despite my love-hate relationship with their service, their soymilk soft serve is just so darn tempting. And this past week, they had Vanilla-Strawberry as one of their flavors... well, game over.

First, I tried the swirl of Vanilla-Strawberry and Matcha (green tea). It was pretty much as gross as it sounds. The Matcha is super, super bitter, almost surprisingly so, and it didn't do anything for the Vanilla-Strawberry. I really wished they had chosen chocolate as the partner for V-S that week!

So I ended up with a small cup of the Vanilla-Strawberry with mixed berry compote. In retrospect, the compote was probably not the wisest choice with the V-S, since it made the concoction incredibly sweet. The whole effect was one powerful punch of sweet, with sugary compote layering onto the sweet berry flavor of the soft serve. For its part, the soft serve was quite good, with a blushing pink color reminiscent of rose wine and an incredibly airy, whipped texture that made it bizarrely fun to eat. I'd return for this flavor again, but next time I'll go with a different topping... caramel, anyone?

Looks like Mister Softee!

705 Ninth Avenue, between 48th and 49th Streets

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