Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hitting the Odeon cart for some sweet, sweet ice cream

Last week, after a hearty dinner at City Hall, AS and I swung by the Odeon with a specific goal in mind: ice cream. See, the Odeon has a little summertime ice cream stand perched just outside the entrance to the restaurant. Though the flavor selection is limited, what they've got is pretty darn good.

That evening, in place of the promised butterscotch was butter pecan. HUGE bonus-- I like butter pecan quite a bit, butterscotch not as much. A quick taste to confirm I liked it-- yep-- and I was on my way with a cup of butter pecan.

The scale on this picture is all kinds of messed up...

For $4, the portion was kind of small, but the ice cream was so rich and powerful I honestly didn't want more once I'd finished the single scoop. The ice cream itself was intensely buttery, and it was packed with pecans, which provided another burst of buttery crunch. Overall, rich, sweet, and satisfying, just as any good dessert should be.

The Odeon
145 West Broadway

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